Monday, December 21, 2009

Reckless knives: a six-part drama

Your word blade cuts my
heart, lips no more to speak, but
I'm sorry, so lost

Shame is a dull blade
sharpen your knife, baby
cut me loose

Sharpen blade, cut
open vein, let truth bleed red:
You're still not here

Spend recklessly, horn
in where you don't belong, leave
footprints on my life

I stare, relentless:
your face – oh, that face – imprints;
can't believe you're here.

I must say something
reckless and pointless and true:
never leave me, please

(The poem above came together as a result of responding to #haikuchallenge and #haikuwordgame prompts on twitter, then piecing them all together. An interesting little experiment in poetic fiction.)


  1. wow, Cady quite a creative experiment ~ i do like the pieces but as a whole its striking and speaks ! Bravo!

  2. Love all these. Their pain and vulnerability really resonate. So glad I found you through Twitter. :)