Monday, December 21, 2009

Reckless knives: a six-part drama

Your word blade cuts my
heart, lips no more to speak, but
I'm sorry, so lost

Shame is a dull blade
sharpen your knife, baby
cut me loose

Sharpen blade, cut
open vein, let truth bleed red:
You're still not here

Spend recklessly, horn
in where you don't belong, leave
footprints on my life

I stare, relentless:
your face – oh, that face – imprints;
can't believe you're here.

I must say something
reckless and pointless and true:
never leave me, please

(The poem above came together as a result of responding to #haikuchallenge and #haikuwordgame prompts on twitter, then piecing them all together. An interesting little experiment in poetic fiction.)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Barely aware, we
wait for you like soiled winter
for clean snowcover

Worry, guilt, anger,
distraction: I set aside
and wait. I'm waiting.

Tree of life, light, hope
drops a leaf to spare us all.
Pages bleed story.

It's all about one
death defying act of birth.
Yes, I still believe.