Sunday, September 6, 2009


How small and crowded we are in this world.

Herds of people, all traveling cattle class;
all wanting to light one candle, to say one prayer,
to be heard.
To find solitude with the Holy Other.
To find sanctuary.

It will make you a believer or an atheist,
the enormity of it all.

We are not left alone,
but we must be alone,
or almost alone –
to embrace the silence, the deep,
the ancient, the holy –
and to be embraced by it.

We find those ancient stone steps,
make our way through the great carved doors,
settle safe in the back pew,
smell the smoke and bees wax,
feel the silence and solitude of a sacred place.
Tangible representation of soul state,
helping us align, this side of eternity,
body and soul, mind and heart.

We need sanctuary.
I do.

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